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Risk Safety Security Consultants (RSSC) is an organization of highly trained industry experts who have years of experience working with clientele across the country. We understand that every aspect of the business has unique security challenges and requirements. Between on-site facility security surveys and discussing daily business operations RCCS learn the needs of your company and assists in meeting every organization’s needs and objectives. Our goal is to develop a comprehensive security solution with our trusted security consultants which result in recommendations to address security gaps and improve operational efficiencies.
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Our Specialization

Policy and procedure review and development, Security Operations, Security Training and Security Audits- You can get advice from our consultants step by step assistance with industry experts.

Threat Assessments

We take a strategic approach to the process of evaluating potential risks and/or hazards that may arise in the workplace environment, a well-defined situation, or a known or potential threat.

Security awareness

situational awareness, verbal de-escalation and diffusion techniques, and personal safety skills to ensure that all of your employees are trained professionals meeting the needs of your clients.

Security Recruiting Consulting

We can assist you with recruiters who specialize in recruiting for all aspects of security services. No task is too small. We know the challenges of security and will address all contractual requirements to exceed your clients needs.

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